The Smart range

Simple, agile and compact. Highly rational, without giving up quality.

Smart has been designed with the aim of developing a door that is highly rational and modular, to ensure easier installation and trouble free operation on conponent parts. A sturdy and compact supporting structure, original Ditec motorisation and components, excellent design and full testing along with cutain modularity; these are the features that make Smart a reliable door, with a very refined appearance but, above all, easy and quick to fit and practical to service and inspect.



Dinstinctive features

  • Self supporting metal structure
  • Axial gearmotor I for heavy-duty use
  • Electronic panel IP 55 with autotest function
  • Manual emergency opening device complete with movement rod
  • Safety rib made of extruded anodised aluminium with ACS Anti- crash System in various versions
  • Flexible curtain in self- extinguishing material
  • Extra charge for oven-baked epoxy coating with smooth finish

Compact Structure

Smart featureas a very comapct supporting structure and reduced overall dimensions is very reliable and refined in terms of appearance and comes in galvanised metal plate or stainless steel,. Thanks to the very reduced overall dimensions this door can be installed where space is at a premium.





The Stratos doors also provide the following features:

  • an upper drive and balancing unit positioned on vertical uprights, with optional electro-galvanised steel plating containing, according to the door mo-del: aluminium fabric winding shaft, torsion counterbalancing spring with adequate winding system, an exclu-sive compact tubular gearmotor, ro-tation stop and release device
  • two vertical uprights, in anodised aluminium profile sections, featuring specific seals, natural colour, with very compact dimensions – 100 x 100 mm
  • easy to inspect, containing ca-bles, cable chain and safety photocells.
  • a sensitive safety cord fitted on an aluminium profile, equipped with a special rubber winged profile ensuring perfect retention and immediate rever-sal of direction of movement in the case of any obstacle being encounte-red.
  • an emergency cable “deadman” release device which, in the case of a power break, frees the counterba-lancing effect of the spring for as long as the handle is gripped, thereby per-mitting the partial semiautomatic ope-ning of the fabric.
  • high wind resistance thanks to the short distance between the section retention profiles.




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